Monday, August 29, 2011

MAC Make Up Foundation

Glowy flawless foundation using MAC makeup
MAC Cosmetics Spring Forecast Collection. Hitting stores Feb 11th, Mac brings us 4 Spring Forecast collections each with four separate displayers. Each color forecast has different items such as lipsticks, nailcolors, fragrance, blushers and stacked pigments. With each story giving a different selection of which products are in that color forecast. I'm pretty excited about this one and can't wait to grab some colored goodies.
What kind of foundation do you use? I started using Mineralize Satin Finish SPF 15 Foundation by M-A-C a few months ago and I absolutely love it! It's a little thicker going on than the traditional M-A-C foundation, and gives coverage that I find good for making my YouTube Videos. It goes on thicker, but has a light, thin appearance on your face and neck. Smooth and flawless finish. This stuff is like more stiff or something. The coverage is really good without being heavy.
I love it!!! I just use this and the M-A-C under-eye creme and I'm good to go!!!

Just thought you ladies would appreciate a first-hand account of this cool foundation. I'm out right now, so I'm heading to the M-A-C website to get some more... The website rocks. You can see all the color selections and make your purchase right on line! It's only $26.50 + shipping, and it gets delivered to your door! Con-veeen-ient. :)
If you decide to check out this foundation and you love it or hate it, shoot me a comment in the section below or let me know on my Facebook Page. I'd love to know your results, as well as your favorite foundation!!! ~ dotJenna
Innovation Foundations

If only the late, great Max Factor could see the foundation market today. Ninety five years after his first greasepaint face base - perfect for early filming requirements - we can choose from a wealth of foundations that conceal imperfections, care for our skin and yet look light, luminous and barely-there. Here we bring you the best new formulations from the class of 2009 - full of minerals and wrinkle fighting formulas...
MAC Make Up Foundation

MAC Make Up Foundation

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