Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Laura Geller Cosmetics

Laura Geller Baked Basics Review
From the age of 12, Laura Geller knew her future would be in makeup. "At that age, I used to ask if I could work at the makeup counters for free, just to be near the powders and pencils," she says. Not surprisingly, it was only a matter of time before she would rise to become one of the top makeup artists in the industry.
Going directly from beauty school to Broadway, Laura Geller got her start making up the theater's rising stars. By the 1980s she had moved on to create some of the most celebrated movie stars and famous faces
headlining television's top networks, and soon after was discovered by beauty editors, socialites, and savvy New York brides. In 1993 Laura opened Laura Geller Makeup Studios on New York's Upper East Side. Her purpose was simple: teach women how to be their own makeup artist.
"I wanted to demystify the process and share my know-how and passion for what I see as an art--an art any woman with the right tools and guidance can master
It soon became apparent that Laura would have to create most of those tools herself. She was able to use her makeup studio as a working lab to study the wants and needs of her clients--real women. It was there that Spackle, her ingenious makeup primer
and many other unique products were born. Out of this exciting product development...Laura became the Baked authority after she discovered the hands-on creative manufacturing baked makeup concept in Italy.
"Every product in my collection must be easy to use, fun to wear, and make a difference," says Laura. "And, because I know how precious every woman's time is, there are no wasted steps, no wasted time, and no instructions required." Laura created a cosmetics line because she wanted to help real women be as beautiful as they could be.

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